Sophy connects all stakeholder of your truck transport on a single platform.
For a reliable and efficient communication.




Phone calls, countless mails, Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, SMS and language barriers are part of the daily business in truck transportation across Europe. This leads to loss in time, money and information for all enterprises participating in the transportation chain.

Sophy simplifies the communication processes in a unique way. A cloud-based platform, Sophy enables all enterprises and persons to communicate in real time.


​Easy to use, clear and simple; mobile app on the smart phone of the truck driver and web-app on your internet browser:

  • Direct communication

  • Document and picture upload directly from the truck

  • Status messages

  • Automatic translation of predefined messages

  • Clear overview of all transports


Sophy simplifies logistics processes and ensures process quality through transparency and auditability. Thus adding value for the complete supply chain.


Sophy is a platform that supplements and optimises the existing logistics process in the truck transport field.

Sophy can easily connect to existing IT systems such as SAP & Microsoft Dynamics. It has interface to the common disposition tools and freight-finding systems.



As independent company, Sophy is dedicated to simplify the life of all actors involved in a truck transportation. Together with you, we create value for the European freight market through revolutionary simplifying the logistics processes.



Sophy was founded in 2018 by the Gutscher and Gruber brothers.

The Gutschers had daily truck departures, communicating truck orders and organising the transports. And they had to deals with the same problems on daily basis. So, they had the idea of creating a communication platform to solve these problems. The Grubers are specialized in developing and selling enterprise software.

A lucky coincidence brought the team together and the idea for creating a communication platform took shape. The first prototype was developed in house – the startup Sophy was born.


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